Photos by Simona Dume
I started out with a passion for showing the beauty in everything that surrounds us. Everything and everyone has - at least - one best angle that captures their essence.
Dusian media was born out of my desire to show that people are the most radiant and amazing when they are natural and spontaneous.
There is art in both posed and unposed pictures but I am giving my best to keep them as genuine as possible, with a personal twist and feeling.
I am mostly self-taught but this year I started studying and received formal training through a Postgraduate Course with the ‘British Academy of Photography’, conducted by the University of Westminster in London.
When hiring a Photographer you are not just ‘renting a camera’ neither a ‘person’, you are trusting a professional’s style, experience, eye for detail, knowledge, adaptability, editing skills and artistic vision.
The prices reflect the preparation for the photoshoot: making sure the right lenses and accessories are ready and the equipment is working, choosing the appropriate set, the proper background and so on.
During the actual session the Photographer is constantly thinking about the posing, the composition, adjusting the lighting, trying to get the best angles, looking to capture emotion; using their studio, equipment, props, lighting with creativity and directing the clients by having good communication skills)
After the Photoshoot the Photographer spends a lot more time than for the preparation and the actual session in hours of sifting through pictures (deleting the unusable ones, picking between similar pictures, basic editing and then in depth editing and styling, then finally choosing the best to present to the client.
The outcome will be reflecting not just the Photographer’s skills, but the client’s efforts to do their best into preparing for the session, picking the right outfits and colours, making sure their appearance is presentable with an attention to details such as hair, skin, nails, shoes, accessories (Please read our Blog for advice).
In a world bombarded with pictures, selfies and information, a Photoshoot offers an unforgettable experience of a creative time spent together in a way that captures the soul and uniqueness of each individual, the connection and love between members of a family, a memorable image of a professional or an exciting product.
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