Portrait & Headshot
Skin - please ensure that your skin is hydrated, but avoid oily cream or heavy make up. 
Hair - the more natural the better, but avoid frizzy hair, grey roots, or wearing a hat that could ruin your hairstyle.
Shoes - it doesn't really matter as most portraits concentrate on the bust area, unless they are done outdoors and then they should match the clothing; a good idea is to bring an umbrella just in case it rains.
Clothing - try to dress in neutral colours that are plain but not boring, simple but exciting; elegant if your are going for formal, and casual if you are going for a more relaxed look.
Details - a picture is like a perfect image of the moment it is captured and although we can photoshop many things, the best way to approach a photoshoot is by being prepared, so please pay attention to your nails, eyes, eyebrows, lips, facial hair, teeth, stains or holes in the clothes.  
Newborn & Baby
Newborn - the best time to bring a newborn baby to a session is between day 1-10, though we can still take photographs even after this period, the bigger they are, the harder to get them to stay still, especially when they have cramps or are teething; we have tiny outfits and wraps to dress them if you don't have any.
Baby - both for baby and newborns please make sure you don't forget their food, diapers, wet wipes, changing clothes, comfort toys, their outfit for the session; you can bring in their favourite toys, blankets or hats; give them a nice relaxing bath before coming so that they will be comfortable and happy.
Family & Couple
Adults - it is very important to be colour coordinated and complement each other's outfits, but please avoid matching outfits that are too obvious and detract from your faces, keep it light, tidy and fresh with not more than 2, maximum 3 colours  so that the focus will be you, not your clothing; please try your outfit before the photoshoot to see if it still fits you well, not to tight, but not too baggy either.
Small Children - children are unpredictable and sometimes they can get sick without warning so be prepared with a spare clothing, wether they are travel sick, can't contain their food or do not get to the toilet in time, we have to be ready for any of these scenarios; they look best in pastel clothing, even white, depending on their skin tone and preference; bring their favourite toy with them.
Children & Teenagers
Children - let them enjoy a comfortable outfit, be it a casual or smart clothing; they need to feel relaxed and entertained but uncomfortable clothing can make them upset and grumpy; a good idea is to have a treat with you so that they feel motivated to behave well during the photoshoot in order to get it as a reward at the end of the session. 
Teenagers - most teenagers have found by now a hobby, interest or a sport that they are interested in or already practicing, so why not let them have a photoshoot that showcases their talent, skills or achievements; they could sport their uniforms, t-shirt, hat, and additionally bring their musical instruments or sports gear in.
Indoor - it is preferable to have about 5 outfits to change in order to better underline the baby bump. 2 of them could be tight tops that are hugging the baby bump, not too tight, not too loose, 1 maternity dress that can be smart or casual as you prefer and one white T-Shirt or top.
Outdoor - The clothing depends a lot on the season, it is advisable not take any risk in catching a cold and dress according to the weather. Make sure that the shoes match the rest of the outfit. Don't forget to use hair products to keep stray hairs away from your face.
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